Mobile Codes

When you play Misery and Mayhem you automatically receive one of four codes: Jimmy, Beezy, Saffi or Clown.

These codes are randomly generated, to give everyone the opportunity to collect all of the codes, regardless of skill level.

Here’s how they work: once you receive a code you can use it on the Jimmy Two Shoes mobile game and automatically boost your score!

Jimmy adds +25 points
Saffi adds +50 points
Beezy adds +100 points
Clown adds +200 points

Be sure to try the mobile game! Entitled Jimmy Two Shoes: Miseryville, it revolves around Jimmy’s never ending quest to make Miseryville a better place for everyone. 

Interact with Miseryville's wacky cast of characters in four different story-driven mobile episodes that will have you planning parties, zapping ghosts, building robots and dancing your butt off!

Now available on Telus and Playphone!


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